If you have a web site that you use for business, then you should think about setting up your site to allow people to pay for things using a credit card. If you can get your head around using credit cards and e-commerce on your web site, then you will attract more customers and make your business run more smoothly. Here are some tips on how and why you should use credit cards on your web site.

How to do it?

There are a variety of ways to set up credit card payments on your account. Merchants to use for this include Paypal and CCBill, although there are dozens of firms to choose from. Usually, it involves setting up an account and then pasting the correct code provided into your web page. Then customers will be able to click on the button on your web site and send you money using their credit cards.

Good for impulse buyers

One reason why you should accept credit cards on your web site is that it suits the needs of impulse buyers. Someone might visit your site and see something they like, but if they have to contact you or use a lengthy payment method, they might be put off making a purchase. Impulse buyers like to be able to purchase things quickly, and accepting credit card payments allows them to do this.

Making your business international

If you only accept payments by cheque or money order, you might be limiting the customers that you can appeal to. If you allow payment by credit cards then you will make your business more international, because people will be able to pay using a credit card from whichever country they reside in. It will also speed up the process of payment, and increase the number of customers that you have around the world.

Methods of accepting credit cards

As previously mentioned, you can accept credit cards on your web site by using a third-party merchant who will accept the credit card payment on your behalf. However, you can also accept credit card payments by opening your own merchant account at a bank or financial institution.

Which method to use?

The easiest and quickest method to use is generally a third-party merchant, as they can be set up in a few minutes and have very little or no signup costs. However, third party merchants charge much higher transaction fees than if you set up your own merchant account with a bank. If you are dealing with large amounts of money over a prolonged period, it might be cheaper to open your own merchant account. However, if you are dealing with relatively few sales a third-party merchant is a good option. Whichever method you choose, it really does pay to employ e-commerce on your web site and accept credit card payments.

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