I’m not sure where the idea that taking a creatine supplement was against the law, but the question is creatine illegal seems to come up a lot. The use of creatine is found primarily with bodybuilders and other athletes, though many other segments of society may be able to benefit from adding a creatine supplement to your daily diet.

Now, that I’ve answered your question is creatine illegal with a resounding “no” let’s get down to the benefits of creatine.

Creatine is an amino acid that is naturally occurring in your body. It is produced in the liver and stored primarily in the muscles. About 2% of it is stored in the heart and the brain.

The amount of creatine found in the body will vary significantly from one person to the next. Since it is stored in muscles, the more muscle mass someone has the higher the creatine levels are likely to be.

There are many benefits of adding creatine supplements to your daily diet, here are a few:

1. Creatine is thought to help speed up the muscle-building process. When someone lifts weights they create tiny, microscopic tears in the muscle fiber. As these tears heal they form bigger muscles.

Adding creatine to your diet is thought to speed up this tear repair process which can lead to building bigger muscles more quickly.

2. Creatine can also increase energy levels. This can be helpful in many ways but the end result is that if someone has more energy, they can get more done in their day. Whether they are trying to power through a tough workout or just a tough workday, added energy is a good thing. Especially when it comes naturally.

The safe dosage amount varies significantly from one person to the next and that is why it is very important for anyone who is considering adding this supplement to their daily routine, talk to their doctor first.

Your doctor will be able to provide you with the safe dosage levels for you. He will know what your underlying health concerns may be, if you have any, and be able to advise you about the best supplements to help you achieve your goals more quickly and safely.

The creatine supplements come in a powder form and can be most effective when mixed with juices. Grape juice is thought to be one of the best since it is believed to help carry the creatine powder to the muscles more efficiently.

As I alluded to above, creatine can help a lot of segments of society… not just bodybuilders. Who couldn’t benefit from a little extra lean muscle mass? Since lean muscle will help keep your metabolism burning hotter all the time it will allow you to lose weight more easily.

Also, the increased speed with which muscle tears can heal can help many people, especially the elderly. An increased metabolism can also help the elderly stay more active and may even be able to help them stay warmer and regulate their body temperature.

Of course, I’m not a doctor and can’t give medical advice so you need to talk to your own doctor about the possible benefits, and risks, of adding a creatine supplement to your daily routine. But I can answer your question is creatine illegal… no, it’s not!

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