Free rock climbing is usually considered an extreme sport, because you are climbing a mountain without any safety harnesses, and if you fall you can be seriously injured or killed. If you combine this with extreme BASE jumping, then you might be one of the most extreme people to walk the earth. As insane as these things sound, there are actually quite a few people that do this very thing. However, you should not try this at home. The people that perform these tremendous feats are trained professionals with many years of experience.

Free rock climbing is a sport that pits a person against a mountain or other rock face. These people do not use any safety equipment or any other rock climbing tools to help them ascend to the top. Usually, the only thing that these rock climbers take with them is some chalk to allow their hands to grip the rock surface better. Some of the best of these climbers can climb walls that actually go upside down. I am amazed at the abilities that these rock climbers possess. The rock climbing techniques that they have learned over the years are amazing. These free rock climbers are very interesting, but there is a very small group of these guys that also BASE jump once they have reached the apex of their climb.

These BASE jumpers will free climb up to a cliff and then enjoy the scenery for a short time before they jump off and float to the bottom. Many people call these people extreme adrenaline junkies, and they are probably right, but I still am amazed at what they can do. To me, the most beautiful thing about what these people do is challenge nature with very little manmade equipment to give them an edge. They walk up to a cliff and then fight their way to the top, just to jump off and reach the bottom within a minute or so. It might sound like a complete waste of time, but I am sure they feel completely free when they can climb a mountain and then fly off of it like a bird back to the ground. One of these days I would love to have the opportunity to give something like this a try.

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