Are you trying to figure out where to start getting a list, how to get going? You may be so overwhelmed with all the training and all the different how-to’s out there that you’re wondering, Is there a simple way to build a list and make money?

The answer is yes.

There are about 30,000 simple ways to build a list. But if you want to build a list, do you have any idea what topic you want to build a list on?

If it’s a very general topic, like trying to help people build home-based businesses, number one, don’t do that. Are you currently making a lot of money with a home-based business? When I say a lot, I mean more than $5,000 a month?

If you’re not, then are you qualified to help people do that?

Here’s the thing. There are tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of step-by-step game plan that you can follow in order to make money online. I’m talking about ones that actually work. Never mind all the bogus ones.

Who wants to just chase a buck? Sometimes we all feel like we have to if money is tight or if we are trying to make a change, right? Everyone’s experienced that. I have experienced it. I probably will experience it again at some point or another.

The question is, how do you overcome that feeling and really get into something with a lot of integrity? That’s the major point. You want to build your list around something solid and something completely honest and useful.

There are thousands of products on ClickBank that will allow you to do that. Just be sure to test the product first. Buy it, and if it’s good, promote it. If it’s bad, ask for a refund and find something else. Then, set up a list-building squeeze page that leads to the sales page. Simple.

Maybe you need to re-evaluate what’s really important to you. If you really want to get your list building, you need to start scheduling in time to work on learning how to build a list, and then, to work on applying these techniques to your business every single day.

You need a very specific schedule of time when you unplug the phone or you close your office door or the door to wherever your computer is and you do not check your email. Then, you do not get interrupted under any circumstances, except by the house burning down (and I’m completely serious about this).

No matter what, I always put my business first. Everything else, including social events, including meeting with my friends, including meeting with my business colleagues comes second after I focus on learning, number one, and implementing what I’m learning, number two.

Those two things actually go closer to parallel. They’re not in order of importance because you have to do both.

Don’t get caught up in buying more products that you won’t ever use. You’ll get caught up in getting an information overload. The only reason you’re getting an information overload is that you can’t see the first step to take and as a result, you can’t see the second step to take, right?

Start doing what you can do immediately. If you want to build a massive, responsive list, start scheduling in a learning time and an implementing time every single day.

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