There are many causes of back pain. I will enumerate the main causes in a non-exhaustive way to help you determine whether it is time to take action or simply wait for the situation to clear itself up.

Poor Posture – if you are sitting or standing up for a long period of time, it can lead to back pain. This is because your spine could get used to the position and start developing bad habits over time. The stiff back muscles, tense, lower back muscles, and less mobility can cause a lot of back pain.

Another major cause of back pain is lack of exercise. If you are not active enough in your life and just keep doing the same thing day after day, your back muscles could get weaker and will start to get pains all the time. You should be exercising on a regular basis in order to have strong back muscles and keep them flexible and healthy.

Spinal Stenosis – this is a condition in which a small amount of blood accumulates under the spinal disk. This will eventually cause a backache. It can also cause serious back problems later on. The right treatment can be done to prevent a spinal stenosis.

Muscle Tendonitis – this is when the muscle fibers get inflamed or stretch. This pain will increase as the tendon becomes tighter and will develop into backache when not treated properly. When it starts to heal, the pain will return and it will be difficult to cure the pain at first but will slowly get better.

Injuries – injuries usually happen due to overuse and overexertion of the body. Injuries can happen any time from the minor ones to the serious ones.

Osteoarthritis – this is an onset of degenerative disease that can lead to a decreased ability to move the joints. Osteoarthritis pain will decrease and eventually can go away on its own.

Nerve Problems – these are usually caused by some kind of injury to the nerves. The nerves that help us in our limbs and upper body will start to malfunction. This will result in muscular and skeletal pain and sometimes numbness in the limbs.

A number of other reasons like old age, cancer, pregnancy, and some infections also cause a lot of back pain. Most of the time, it is best to seek medical advice before doing anything about it.

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common chronic spinal conditions. They can develop suddenly and disappear without any signs but a person can avoid osteoarthritis by exercising on a regular basis and having a healthy diet.

However, if the spinal conditions are not treated appropriately, then it may lead to major problems later on. Back pain is very common, especially in women. It can be controlled using various techniques that will help relieve the pain and stiffness.

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