In college, glow in the dark stickers were all the rage. These were often stars, though some people had planets. They hung them on the ceiling of their bedrooms and when the lights went off, they were immersed in a universe of glowing stars. Some people even had some made of plastic, but the stickers were far more popular, probably because they were cheaper. You know in college the cheaper an item is, the better.

You can get all sorts of glow in the dark stickers today, though I think the stars are still the most popular. You can find them in nature stores, and you can get all sorts of sizes. You may get a pack of glow in the dark stickers that only have a few of the same sized star, or you can get a huge multi-pack that has all sorts of sizes and comes complete with the planets and a few rocket ships to boot. You can also find these in specialty stores like Spencer’s Gifts.

You can find glow in the dark stickers that are in all other sorts of themes, and these are great incentives for school children. They love the suspense of taking them home and waiting for bedtime to see them glow as they fall asleep. These are cheap for teachers to buy, and you can get almost any type you want if you look hard enough. You may want to look online for glow in the dark stickers and buy in bulk to keep your costs down. If you can’t find what you want there, you can look in your local craft or party store to see what they have to offer.

If you don’t want to go out and buy glow in the dark stickers in the store, there is a trick you can use to make your room glow at night, and this might be just the thing for the more creative type. If you get a paintbrush and use Tide detergent, you can paint a scene on your wall that will glow in the dark after you turn out the lights. This can leave a slight bluish hue on your walls, but it is for the most part undetectable in the light, and easy to wash off. They may not have the strength of glow in the dark stickers but they are a great way to create whatever you want. Just make sure you get permission from your parents if you still live at home.

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